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Best Mattress For Hip Pain {2019 Reviews}

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If you are looking for the best mattress for hip pain, you have landed on the right page.

There is so much that goes into making a mattress the best for a particular kind of ailment.

The same is true for the best mattress for hip pain.

Just to say the least, the best mattress for hip pain must be one that provides a soft support while at the same time cushioning the body in comfort.

You do not need a firm or extra firm mattress to relief you of hip pain.

In short, studies have shown that firm mattress aggravates pain rather than alleviate it.

So what you need in general is a medium firm (not too soft, and not too hard) mattress if you are looking at getting rid of pains, relieve pressure points and ensures spinal alignment.

But for hip pain, you need memory foam mattress that is soft enough to provide plush-cool cushioning and one that is also firm enough to hold your hips up in pressure.


Why Hip Pain

Hip pain is common among older people though younger people can also have it.

The most common cause of hip pain is both Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis.

These are actually problems with the human muscles, ligaments, tendon and other tissues around the hip joint.

Hip pain can also be caused by diseases and conditions in other parts of the body and majorly the back and the lower back.


best mattress for hip pain



Pain From Much Pressure Overtime

Most of the time, this pain comes as a result of much pressure over time on the spine.

So watch how much pressure you put on your spine.

You put pressure on your spine when you stand for too long a time.

You also do when you get involved in moving of heavy objects and machinery.

Just watch how much you put your legs under pressure, your waist and hip are the ones to suffer it later – you of course bear the brunt.

When any part of your body is in pain, you are the one in pain really.

Because your spine and muscles are involved, this is one reason why your best mattress for hip pain must be one that will help your spine to align mostly when you sleep-when your body is in a state of rest.

For most of the time, hip pain can even result from sagging mattresses and from the too firm mattresses.

This is the reason we advocate that you get a medium firm mattress if you are looking at a lasting solution to your hip problem.


How Mattresses Help with Hip Pain

When you sleep, the greater part of your body weight comes on the hip. And don’t forget that we all sleep and most us 8 hours every night.

This is why your old and sub standard mattresses will first shows signs of deterioration by sagging at the middle.

This is proof that almost your entire body weight shifts to your hip and shoulders (mostly for side sleepers) when you sleep.

So if your body weight stays on your hip for 8 hour long on a sag or hard mattress, what do you get?

Hip pain and even worse if you already have one.

But a medium firm mattress helps balance your weight while at the time providing a not too soft and not too hard alignment for your spin and hip.

At the same time, the medium firm mattress also helps relieves pressure point on the waist while delivering a soothing cloud and comfort feeling on the body including your hips.

This is the way you get rid of your hip pain through mattresses and toppers.


Best Mattress for Hip Pain of 2019

From all we have looked at, we conclude that the Layla Sleep Memory foam mattress meets the conditions of medium-firmness, it is copper infused and it is also a memory foam mattress.

Thus, we can consider it to be the best mattress for hip pain on the market now.

Here’s what we find with Layla foam mattress.


Layla Sleep Memory Foam mattress – Copper Infused Cooling System

If you ever see mattress ad that reads: copper infused mattress with flappable firmness, then you can be sure that that is Layla sleep 2018 award winning memory foam mattress.

Layla Sleep memory foam mattress is copper infused memory foam.

Copper infused foam mattresses generally help to alleviate pain.


best mattress for hip pain

Copper Infused Foam is Antibacterial and Antimicrobial

But in more specific ways, a copper infused foam mattress is antibacterial and antimicrobial. That is say a copper infused foam mattress works to prevent harmful microorganism and bacterial from living in your bed.


Copper Infused Foam Helps with Blood Circulation

Plus, copper infused foam mattress can help with blood circulation.

One reason why those hips are stiff and painful is because there is not enough adequate blood circulation. And copper ensures that.

This is because copper has inherent is one of the most conductive metals with unique healing properties.

And that’s a guarantee for your health.


Copper Infused Foam Sleeps Cool

Again, copper infused foam mattress guarantees cool sleep.

There are several reasons why a lot of people sleep hot.

But whatever the reason, copper has unique properties that help disperse heat and help to keep you at optimal temperature while you sleep.


Copper Infused Foam is Natural

Again, copper is natural and thus does not pose health hazards.

There are no dangers of any kind sleeping on a copper infused foam since it is not made from use harmful chemicals and substances.


What Copper Infused Layla Foam Mattress does:

1. It ensures rapid heat transfer

2. It gives deep compression support

3. It is antimicrobial

4. It offers deep convolutions

5. And delivers maximum airflow


Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress – Flippable Firmness

Another beautiful makeup of the Layla Sleep is its flappable firmness.

By that it means that the mattress has two firmness options;

It has a soft tops side


best mattress for hip pain


And a firm bottom side.

And you can choose between options.

You can decide you are going on the soft side for a considerable time and then switch to the firm side afterwards and so forth and so on.

That’s really innovative.

That means you have two firmness options in one mattress.

You do not need to invest in a firmer mattress in case you already have a soft one and are in need of a firmer one.

Just flip your mattress and then you get what you want-firmness or softness.

Best budget mattress, I guess.


Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress – Cooler

Another beautiful thing in the Layla sleep memory mattress is that it cools in 3 ways.

First it is infused with cooling gel in the foam making it cool inside.

Second, it is infused with cooling gel in the cover, that’s the cooling part that curdles and cushions you as you sleep.

And thirdly, it is fabricated with convoluted airflow material that helps to transfer heat between you and the mattress providing for adequate temperature while you sleep.

That’s great.


Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress – CertiPUR-US Certified.

This is the deal.

The Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress is CertiPUR-US certified.

That means there are no bad, smelly stuff inside the mattress.

In this regard, we can see that the Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress is made

1. without ozone depleters

2. without mercury, lead and other heavy metals

3. without formaldehyde

4. without PBDEs, TDCPP flame retardants and

5. It is regulated by the CPSM (Consumer Product Safety Commission)


Layla Sleep Memory Foam Queen Mattress – Best Mattress for Hip Pain

The Layla Sleep Memory Foam mattress is copper infused cooling memory foam that has proven to deliver variable support for all sleeping positions while at the same provides cooler sleep.

Plus, the Layla Sleep Memory Foam mattress come medium soft on one side and then firm on the other side. You can flip it as you want.

Layla Faom Mattress is made of 4 mattress layers;

The first and top layer is 3 inches copper infused memory foam that ensures rapid heart transfer, delivers deep compression support, antimicrobial, of 3.5 lb density and a delivers mid-soft comfort.

The 2nd layer a 2 inches convoluted support foam that guarantees deep convolutions, ensures maximum airflow and it is of 1.8 lb density.

The 3rd layer of the Layla memory foam is a 4.5 inches base support foam that delivers core and efficient support and it is of 2 lb density and 36 ild.

Finally, the 4th layer is 1 inch copper infused memory foam that has all the properties of the first layer but with one exception; firm support

But perhaps, the best feature of this mattress is the thermogel infused cover that provides excellent heat dispersion and a cooler night sleep.

Better still, the Layla Sleep Memory Foam mattress is plush and supportive.


Features and Specifications

  • The Layla Sleep Memory Foam mattress is copper infused memory foam
  • It is flappable firmness
  • It comes with a thermogel infused cover
  • It is plush, firm and supportive
  • It is cooler with copper
  • It is Bed in a Box
  • It works well with any solid foundation and all adjustable bases
  • It is CertiPUR-US certified
  • It comes with manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
  • Dimension: 80 x 60 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 70 pounds



Customer Rating and Scores

The Layla Sleep Memory Foam mattress has 64 customers review on Amazon at the time of this writing.

Plus, it enjoys a mouth watering customer rating score of 4.4 stars out of possible 5 at the time.

But that’s not all.

The best part is 72 percent of customers (almost 46 out of 64 at the time) favored the Layla Sleep Memory Foam mattress and will recommend it to their friends and family.

But then the Layla Sleep Memory Foam mattress has 5 percent of customers (about 3 out of 60) who said they will never have anything to do with it again.

But that’s not enough to put you off at all.

In short, a great percentage of customers say that Layla Sleep Memory Foam mattress helps them to get rid of hip and shoulder pain.



Wrapping up

Now you have seen the features that qualify the Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress as the best mattress for hip pain.

It is no doubt also one of the best mattresses for shoulder pain going by such qualities.

The copper cooling gel, deep convolutions, the flappable firmness among many other things make the Layla Sleep Memory Foam mattress ideal for hip and shoulder pains.

Truly, this is the best mattress for hip on the market right now.

You may give it a trail.

You may also want to read our detailed review on the best mattress for neck pain in case you are having trouble with your neck also.

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