How to Clean Mattress Topper

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No doubt you want to know how to clean mattress topper since you love sleeping on them.

There are two common stains that mattress topper users regularly complain of; sweat and urine.

But the greatest concern of these people is not just the stains themselves but actually how to clean mattress topper and get rid of these stains effectively without damaging the mattress topper itself.

A lot of users of mattress toppers end up destroying their topper after washing it.

You do not want to see your investment of just 6 months ruined overnight.

So could it be that mattress toppers should not be washed?

So our question is; what’s actually then is the best way to clean a mattress topper and not end up destroying it.


Most Common Types Of Stain On Mattress Toppers

We have stated in passing above that the commonest stains on mattress toppers are urine and sweat.

Other stains can be vomit, liquor and or cigarette smells.

Urine smell on your mattress can make your room unhealthy, unpleasant and suffocating.


How to Clean Mattress TopperHow to Clean Mattress Topper


So it is wise you know how to clean mattress topper so you don’t make your room a deathtrap.

Again, sweat on the mattress topper can also cause health issues.

Allergens, dust mites, bacteria, odors, all these can build up on your mattress topper overtime. So you must learn how to clean mattress topper so you can always get rid of these germs.

You may not know that your mattress topper houses bacteria that are dangerous to health. Most of these bacteria come on the mattress topper due to accumulated sweat.

When you sweat on your mattress topper and you don’t clean effectively, the sweat in turn smells and smell can invite even house flies that will defecates worms and other germs on the mattress topper.

Don’t risk your health, learn how to clean mattress topper.

It’s simple; you will have to do it at least once or twice a year.

That shouldn’t be a problem, I guess!


Things You Need To Clean Your Mattress Toppers

To go about how to clean mattress topper, you would need some of these things on hand:


How to Clean Mattress Topper


  • Vacuum Cleaner: a handheld Vacuum Cleaner preferably
  • Water: to spot clean and to mix your baking soda and vinegar
  • Baking soda: to help remove stains and odors
  • Vinegar: to help spot clean the mattress and also remove stains
  • Detergent: to help keep the topper clean and fresh
  • Cloth/towel: a piece of cloth or towel that help you clean and absorb water from the mattress topper
  • A hand brush: to help brush off debris and dirt that has overtime stuck to the mattress topper
  • A spray bottle: to help you apply detergent carefully to the mattress topper


How to Clean Mattress Topper

1. The very first thing in cleaning you mattress topper is to vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner.

Place your mattress topper on a flat surface (not your bed please) and then work on all its surfaces and edges with a vacuum cleaner.

Ensure that you are thorough as you work your way slowly but steadily through the mattress topper surface, the edges and sides until you are sure that you have picked up all debris, particles and dust from the mattress topper.

2. You would also need a brush on hand to force up some sticky dirt on your mattress topper.

Now, if all you need is to just clean your mattress topper, then your job is almost done.

But that’s not all.

3. Now mix your detergent (It is best to use a mild and gentle detergent like hand washing detergent) in water.

4. Then fill your spray bottle with it and then spray your mattress topper lightly (make sure your mattress is not soaked with water)

5. Leave for about 10-15 minutes and then wipe your mattress topper with a clean piece of towel or cloth.

6. Give your mattress topper a little time to completely dry. But this must be under a shade but where there’s enough air (please don’t expose your mattress topper to the sun) and then place back on your mattress.

7. You can also vacuum your mattress topper again this time to be sure there is no dirt clinging to it from anything.

You have successfully clean your mattress topper.


How to Clean Mattress Topper


How To Remove Stain From Your Mattress Topper

Now if you have to deal with stain on your mattress topper, then you have to continue the process.

1. After you have used the vacuum cleaner to pick up all the dirt and debris, then take a handful of white baking soda (or white vinegar) and mixed with water.

2. When the mixture is fully dissolved and turned into a milky white substance, use a clean piece of cloth to apply the mixture to the particular stain you want to remove or stain area you are working on.

3. Leave the mixture in the mattress topper for about 15-30 minutes.

4. Then go ahead and use a slightly damped clean piece of cloth to absorb the mixture from the mattress topper.

5. Then again absorb the remaining water on the mattress topper with a clean towel.

6. Then air-dry your mattress topper under a shade before placing it back on your mattress.

But make sure it is completely dried and moisture free so it doesn’t develop mildew that may destroy the topper.

7. Then vacuum your mattress topper again to make sure every inch of the mixture is properly removed from the mattress topper.

That is the way to remove stain from your mattress topper.


How to Remove Odors From Your Mattress Topper

Odors are bad on mattress toppers.

The most common is urine odor, vomit, liquor or cigarette odor.

1. Now to get rid of any of these odors, you have to go through the process; vacuum clean the mattress topper as always and then sprinkle it with white baking soda (or white vinegar).

2. Then leave the mattress topper under a shade for about 8 hours or more (time enough for the baking soda or vinegar to saturate the mattress topper and kill the odor).

3. Then again, use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum clean the baking soda or vinegar from the mattress topper completely.

But that’s not all.

4. Flip your mattress topper and repeat the same process on the flipped side

5. Last of all, keep your mattress topper completely dried (under a shade where there’s sufficient air) before placing it back on your mattress.

This is how to get rid of odors from your mattress topper.


How to Clean Mattress Topper


Most Common Types of Mattress Toppers

You will notice that there are different types of mattress toppers as there are different types of mattresses.

First, there is the memory foam mattress topper which is about the commonest of mattress toppers.

Plus, the memory foam mattress topper is mostly always gel infused or copper infused.

Secondly, we also have the latex mattress topper which is supposedly made from natural ingredients rather than chemicals like petroleum.

Third is the bamboo mattress topper.

This is about the newest trend in the world of mattresses and toppers.

Others are wool, polyester and feathers.

Now, since these mattress toppers are not the same, it will be well for you to know too that they don’t have to be clean the same way.

That answers the reason why some mattress toppers can be washed while others cannot.

The type of mattress toppers you use will determine how you clean it.

A lot of mattress toppers like polyester and wool can be clean easily with water, detergent and with clean piece of cloth dipped in water mixed with detergent. But the memory foam mattress is different.

It takes a few skills to be able to clean memory foam mattress toppers


A Word of Caution About Your Mattress Topper

To avoid stains and odors getting on and into your mattress topper, we would advice that you use a waterproof mattress protector on top of your topper.

But note that the mattress protector may slightly affect the feel and comfort of your mattress topper.

But this is nothing compared to protecting your choice investment of a mattress topper


Common Question on How to Clean a Mattress Topper

Q: Should I wash my mattress topper?

A: A lot of lovers and customers of mattress toppers complain that the moment they wash their topper, it shrank and became a wreck.

The problem is most mattress toppers are made from memory foam and you can’t wash foam.

When you do, you destroy it.

So if you must wash your mattress topper, just be sure that it is not a memory foam mattress topper.

Again, you may wash wool and polyester mattress topper in a washing machine, but not foam.

Foam doesn’t hold in water, it will break.

The type of material used in your mattress topper will determine whether it is hand or machine washable.

Check the manufacturer’s cleaning and washing instructions.


Wrapping up

That’s it.

You have seen how to care for your mattress topper.

You can clean it regularly with a vacuum cleaner and other steps in the process we have explained above.

You can get rid of stains and odors from you mattress topper any time and any day. All you need is just to follow the instructions above on how to clean mattress topper.

But if you must wash your mattress topper, just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning and washing instruction.

But first of all, you must know what type of mattress topper you have; otherwise, washing it may not be the best thing to do.

Stay clean, stay safe and stay healthy even while you sleep.

You may also want to read our detailed post on some of the best mattress toppers that are anti-microbial, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and which also regulate body temperature.

You would like these new innovations in the world of mattress toppers.

All the best!

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